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Our Mission

Courses are aimed to give students a firm basis of the Spanish Language.  We work very intensively to give them a good grasp of all the grammar necessary to achieve a high grade and also work on increasing their vocabulary.

Classes are every morning and students are expected to do a small amount of homework and to study. There is a test every Friday to help keep them motivated.  

Students stay with carefully chosen Spanish host families who have been working with us for many years and understand the importance of helping the students to improve their aural and oral skills.  

We organise a number of outings and host families take students to various places of local interest.

Fees include airport transfers, intensive Spanish classes and all class materials, full board with a carefully selected Spanish family and a number of outings and activities depending on the students’ interests.

We have a very serious policy regarding alcohol.  All the students are under legal drinking age and if any are caught drinking alcohol, there will be serious consequences.

There are many cultural, athletic and leisure activities in and around Coin for students to enjoy. Students can go out with friends in the afternoon and evening as long as they stick to the curfews in place. These depend on the time of year and the age of the students.

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Admission and Fees

Admission is on a first come, first served basis. Some courses are extremely popular and are booked years in advance. We reserve places and require a non-refundable 500 euro deposit approximately a year prior to the beginning of each course. Balance of fees is paid 2 months prior to the course, in part to the Spanish host family.

Students must commit to the full length of the chosen course. It is not possible to do part of a course.

We ask that all students bring their European Health Card with them.

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Meet Our Staff

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Valerie Jeffrey

Head & Teacher (Spanish)

Michael Jeffrey

Teacher (Spanish)

Cyriel Vaes

Teacher (Graphic design)

Kirstie Dougal

Teacher (English)

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